JORANE is an artist like no other. She is a surprising creator and an instinctive vocalist, breaking musical standards and shaking up established codes.
Known for her work with Sarah McLachlan and drawing comparisons to Tori Amos and Joanna Newsom, Jorane is as impressive as a vocalist and composer as she is as a cellist.
This special presentation by The Seaside Music Festival is an immersive fresco where music, movement, and technologies intertwine with Jorane and the LAB company in HEMENETSET.
Instinct, introspection, and freedom are concepts that Jorane brings together under the sign of femininity. They are at the heart of this creation, which tends to restore its full place.
This show is a ritual, the story of a transformation that invites spectators to travel as much within themselves as in a new universe and, above all, to charm the audience every time.

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