Porch Couch

Porch Couch(Jaron Freeman-Fox & Alan Mackie)
There’s something special about Fiddle and Banjo. Before Guitars, Mandolins, Dobros and String Basses made their way into the Appalachian traditions, Fiddle and Banjo carved out the core of what would become one of the most beloved traditions in American history. When this rich legacy is tapped into by two musicians of the caliber of Jaron Freeman-Fox and Alan Mackie, the full potential of this enduring beauty is undeniable. Each with a long list of recording credits and always in high demand for their stage work, Jaron and Alan have been playing together for over a decade. Their musical chemistry as much as their virtuosity make Porch Couch one of those duets that remind everyone why there’s something special about Fiddle and Banjo.

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